Trashing our Soliders

The outcry over the nature of Bowe Bergdahl's capture has spiraled into a concerted attack against those who dared to speak the truth, particularly soldiers in Bergdahl's platoon. Many, including the administration, are questioning the veracity of statements made by the very troops who knew him best and risked their lives to find Bergdahl.

Here are a few examples of liberals taking to trashing our soldiers by creating doubt about their stories.

Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson asked State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf about Bergdahl's alleged desertion. When Tomlinson brought up the fact that Bergdahl's "squad mates have the best indication what happened that night," Harf replied, "I dont think that thats the case." So if the guys who knew him best and risked their lives to find him don't know what happened, who does?

Then we have Chuck Todd claiming that members of Obama's administration are shocked by the outrage over Bergdahl's desertion, claiming that they never anticipated that Bergdahl would be swift-boated. Here's what Chuck Todd told MSNBC's Chris Matthews: Ive had a few [White House] aides . . . refer to this, they didnt expect the swift-boating of Bergdahl, trying to bring back memories of the whole political fight with John Kerry back in 2004.

On CNN, Donna Brazile accused the veterans speaking out about Bergdahl's desertion part of a PR campaign by Republicans. So now it is the Republicans who are orchestrating and mobilizing all of these veterans to speak out against Bergdahl? Give me a break. If anything is being orchestrated, it's the slander by the Left against the very people who put their lives on the line to search for Bergdahl.

But that's not all.

Obama administration official Brandon Friedman tweeted the following: Here's the thing about Bergdahl and the Jump-to-Conclusions mats: What if his platoon was long on psychopaths and short on leadership? That's a pretty classy tweet from a member of the administration implying that members of Bergdahl's unit, who happen to be speaking up, may be psychopaths. Real nice.

And then there's the New York Times. It tried to push the narrative that Bergdahl's unit and thusly the men speaking out was known for its troubles, describing them as raggedy. By publishing a piece like this, the Times is carrying the water for this administration in its attempt to discredit our soldiers for the sake of its own political narrative. The New York Times also tried to push this narrative the Republican operatives were the ones pushing the soldiers who served with Bergdahl to tell their side of the story.

New Pew polling, by the way, shows that a plurality of Americans (43%) think the prisoner swap for the Taliban Dream Team was wrong, 34% believe it was right with 23% not having an opinion. Recognizing this to be a PR disaster, the White House is now claiming that it was Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel who made the final call for the swap.